JINR participates in the BES ( experiment since 2005. Since 2013 LIT specialists perform various tasks on the creation, development and maintenance of distributed storage and data processing system for the accelerator. The main activities of our team associated with data management, file transfer service, and system performance monitoring. Fully operational system should be setup by 2015.

Status of the project

- A prototype of BES-III Grid has been built (8 sites including IHEP CAS in China and JINR). Main developments have been done at IHEP and JINR. The Grid is based on DIRAC interware.

- First production (800 million J/ψ events) completed successfully. JINR have contributed ~10% of total resources.

JINR team activities

Grid monitoring

- The development infrastructure has been set up.

- Prototype of the functional tests monitoring system have been presented on December 2013

- First version of the production monitoring system fully integrated with DIRAC was developed (

- Working plan for the March-April have been reconciled

- Cooperation visits to Beijing are planned to the end of April, 2014

Data management and File Transfer Service

- Solution on dCache-Lustre integration was provided for main data storage in IHEP

- Installation package for Storage Element was adopted for BES-III Grid

- Support for Chinese specialists in installation and management of the data-store infrastructure and technologies was organized

- Research and development of the DIRAC data management service is in progress.

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