Monitoring and accounting

A wide experience in designing and developing of grid monitoring and accounting systems is accumulated in the JINR:

  • During the EGEE project the monitoring and accounting systems for Russian consortium RDIG have been developed and supported. RDIG is Russian grid-segment of the WLCG/EGEE global infrastructure and it comprised several thousands computing slots and nearly 2 PB of data storage. The system monitored the RDIG grid-infrastructure by many parameters and provided the statistical information with a high degree of detail and in a very visible form.
  • Creation of the local monitoring system is an important basis for the global grid monitoring, ensuring the correct operation of the site based on controlled infrastructure and providing relevant information on its work at higher levels of monitoring. Data provided by the service has great importance both for network administrators who are responsible for the equipment and channels, as well as for developers and users of the service grid.
  • The local monitoring system was developed to analyze the dCache storage system.
  • The JINR staff members made a great contribution to the development of the monitoring system for the LHC virtual organizations, which is developed and supported in the department of the Information Technologies in the CERN (Dashboard).
  • Since the 2011 year JINR specialists take part in the CERN project on development of the monitoring system for Tier3 centers.
  • Since 2013, the work is carried out to develop a monitoring system for distributed storage and data processing system of experiment BES-III.
  • LIT team participated in the development of a monitoring and accounting system for GridNNN project (2008-2010 years).
  • The monitoring system for the FTS data transfer service was developed and implemented in the CERN. The system enabled not only to monitor but also improve the FTS service;
  • The Job Monitoring system of the H1 experiment was supplemented with a statistical monitoring component.

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