The JINR CMS grid site T2_RU_JINR, integrated into the global infrastructure WLCG, meets the requirements for the Tier-2 level CMS collaboration computing center for the running phase of the experiment. In the 2014 year T2_RU_JINR provides resources of 500 kHS06 processor capacity and 528 terabytes of disk space.

The JINR grid site is actively used by the CMS collaboration:  4 430 520 jobs of the virtual organization CMS were submitted to the T2_RU_JINR site from January 2008 to March 2014 which corresponds to 1.75% of the total consumption of CPU time in the entire CMS collaboration during this period.

The VOBOX grid service for the CMS is provided and supported at the JINR grid site.  The Phedex server, required for data transfer between CMS grid sites by the use of the FTS grid service, is installed and periodically updated. Also the SQUID proxy server which is necessary in the work with the CMS specialized databases (conditions DB) is configured and used.

The certification of network links between the JINR and all CMS sites of the first level is realized with the required rate of data transfer: 20 megabyte/sec from the CMS Tier1 centers to the JINR and 5 megabyte/sec – from the JINR to the CMS Tier1 centers. Also the certification was realized with the most of the CMS centers of the second level (the requirement on the commissioning of these links in both directions is 5 megabyte/sec).
Regularly the mass submission of typical CMS jobs to the T2_RU_JINR site is performed by the CMS HammerCloud testing system (see and

In the frames of the regular sessions of the mass production of simulated physical events in the CMS collaboration, the JINR participates in Monte – Carlo simulation of the physical events by the physical channels, which are of interest for the physicists of the JINR.

The replication of the CMS data to the JINR mass storage system is performed in concordance with the needs of the JINR physicists who participate in the CMS experiments (the size of the data sets is up to several terabytes). By the end of 2013 the total amount of CMS data at the T2_RU_JINR site was about 450 terabytes.

In March of 2011, the proposal to create the Tier-1 site as an integral part of the central data handling service of the LHC Experiments in Russia was expressed by the RF Ministry of Science and Education. This proposal was adopted by CERN in October, 2011. In 2011, the Federal Target Programme Project: «Creation of the automated system of data processing for experiments at the Large Hadron Collider of Tier-1 level and maintenance of Grid services for a distributed analysis of these data» was adopted by the RF Ministry of Science and Education. The Project is aimed to creation of a Tier-1 computer-based system in NRC KI and JINR. It is shared that the National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute” is responsible for support of ALICE, ATLAS, and LHC-B experiments, while the JINR provides Tier-1 services for the CMS experiment. Thus, currently JINR realizes this scale project to create a Tier-1 center for the CMS experiment. Site name in the CMS global grid-infrastructure is T1_RU_JINR.

Information on the state of T1_RU_JINR and T2_RU_JINR operability is available on the CMS monitoring page:

Detailed information about the work of the JINR CMS group you can find at the address

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