ATLAS DQ2 Deletion Service

  • The ATLAS Distributed Data Management project DQ2 is responsible for the replication, access and bookkeeping of ATLAS data across more than 100 distributed grid sites. It also enforces data management policies decided on by the collaboration and defined in the ATLAS computing model.
  • During the 2010 year the works on development of the deletion service for ATLAS Distributed Data Management (DDM) system were performed
  • Deletion service is one of the most important DDM services. This distributed service interacts with 3rd party grid middleware and the DQ2 catalogs to serve data deletion requests on the grid. Furthermore, it also takes care of retrial strategies, check-pointing transactions, and performance throttling, ensuring DQ2′s scalability and fault tolerance.
  • The development comprises the building of new interfaces between parts of deletion service (based on the web service technology), creating new database schema, rebuilding the deletion service core part, development of extended interfaces with mass storage systems and extension of the deletion monitoring system.
  • Deletion service was developed, implemented and is maintained by JINR specialists.
  • Weekly volume of deleted data by deletion service: around 2 PB (20 000 000 files)

Current state of these activities has been presented at the CHEP’2010 and CHEP’2012 conferences.

The detailed information

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