Support of VOs and experiments

Grid offers a technology of access to the resources and grid-services within the limits of the virtual organizations.

The virtual organization (VO) is a community of users of the grid-system united for the decision of certain problems on the recourses of grid in a mode of coordinated distribution of these resources. In each virtual organization there is an own policy of behavior of its participants which should observe the established rules. The virtual organization can dynamically be formed and have limited time of existence.

Now CICC JINR as a grid-site of the global grid infrastructure supports computations of 10 Virtual Organizations (alice, atlas, biomed, cms, dteam, fusion, hone, lhcb, rgstest and ops), and also gives a possibility of using the grid-resources for the CBM and PANDA experiments. The basic users of the JINR grid-resources are the virtual organizations of experiments on LHC (ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb).

In the future, in process of interest definition at a large-scale level, VO can be organized at JINR in the field of nuclear physics and condensed matter physics, together with in a new promising direction of research in nanostructure properties. It is necessary to add that the creation of new VO gets possible and necessary in process of algorithmization of solved problems and development of mathematical methods and means of their solution which demand application of present-day grid technologies.

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