Infrastructure and services

By May 2014 a grid-infrastructure of the JINR site JINR-LCG2 includes a farm of 2448 processor slots, more than 50 specialized servers, 2 disk data storage systems on the dCache basis and 2 disk data storage systems on the XROOTD basis of nearly 1680 terabyte volume in total and 6 interactive machines for users’ work. The current version of the middleware is the EMI3. Scientific Linux operating system of version 6 is used.

The JINR grid-site JINR-T1 now is under construction.

In WLCG/EGEE/EGI infrastructure the JINR site JINR-LCG2 provides both basic grid services: Berkley DB Information Index (top level BDII); site BDII; Computing Element (CE and CREAMCE); ARGUS authorization service; Proxy Server (PX); the advanced service for access to the WLCG/EGEE/EGI resources (MyProxy);  Workload Management System (WMS); Logging&Bookkeeping Service (LB); Accounting Processor for Event Logs (APEL); LCG File Catalog (LFC); Storage Element (SE); User Interface (UI) and specialized grid-services: ARGUS as a single point for opening and closing access for particular users; ROCMON – monitoring of resources at Russian grid-sites; VO boxes for ALICE, CMS and PANDA; Storage Element of XROOTD type for ALICE; Frontier – caching service for access to central databases and CVMFS global file system. The global file system CVMFS for the access to VO’s sw has been installed. GLEXEC user-switching service for pilot-jobs has been installed and configured.

The internal network of the JINR-LCG2 site is constructed on the 1GbE basis and aggregation of links to 8x1GbE is used to increase network bandwidth to individual services and group switching Ethernet modules. The site’s central network switch is connected to the JINR’s edge switch at the speed of 10GbE. JINR has a channel directly to MSK-IX (Moscow Internet eXchange) at the speed of 2x10Gb/sec. Also there is a backup channel to MSK-IX at 10Gb/sec.

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