JINR Grid-site

The JINR Central Informational Computing Complex (CICC) is logically constructed as a unified data-processing resource for all directions of the research activities underway at JINR. All computing and data storage resources are served by a unified base software allowing us to use the CICC resources both in the international projects of distributed computing (WLCG, EGEE/EGI, PANDA-GRID, BES-III) and locally by the JINR users. The system software is optimized so that to provide most effective use of the computing resources together with protected as much as possible and at the same time most universal access to the data. The basic operating system practically of all the CICC components is the OS Linux. The basic systems of storing large amounts of information in the CICC are dCache  and xRootd hardware-software systems.

Since the 2004 year the CICC is also part of the global computing grid-structure – WLCG / EGEE/EGI and a proper middleware – EMI is installed. In 2004 JINR CICC has been completely integrated into the WLCG environment as a grid-site with JINR-LCG2 name and serves in the WLCG infrastructure as Tier2 level center for the LHC experiments.

In 2011 the decision to construct a Tier1 level distributed center for the LHC experiment in Russia on the base of RCC «Kurchatov institute» and JINR has been adopted. In accordance with this, a full-functionality Tier1 center for CMS is now under construction at the JINR. The JINR CMS Tier1 site’s name in a global grid-infrastructure is JINR-T1.

Currently the contribution of the computing resources of the JINR grid-site relatively to all the Russian WLCG community makes more than 30 percent and slightly less on resources for data storage. The JINR site is one of the most functional sites of a corresponding size within the global WLCG community by its reliability and availability.

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