Grid middleware testing

Within the participation in the WLCG and EGEE projects the JINR specialists make the certain contribution to testing new components of the grid middleware, and also in the evaluation and research on the possibilities of application of various technologies.

In the first phase of the EGEE project the integration, testing and certification of the component of the gLite middleware were carried out within the limits of JRA1 direction. In the second phase a separate service direction was created for them: SA3. The problem of SA3 is management of working out some releases of the middleware ready to deployment and accompanied by the documentation. In the SA3 group the technical and programmed certification testbed (CTB) for research and certification of new versions of the gLite component is created. The work was conducted together with the WLCG project, and after the completion of the EGEE project they are proceeded within WLCG. With participation of the JINR a number of works on preparation of certified tests for various components in CTB has been executed: Security access, Data Management, Job Management and Monitoring of testing (see.

The JINR specialists in cooperation with SINP MSU and the Institute of applied mathematics (IAM) RAS has carried out the testing of the GT4 package distributive (Globus Toolkit4) (see and together with IAM – the testing and estimation of the possibilities of  OMII middleware (Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute) (see

During 2010-2011 the works on testing of gLite middleware were done in cooperation with IT CERN department: development of certification tests for gLite MPI (Message Passing Interface), development and modernization of FTS (File Transfer Service) certification tests, development of tests for LFC (LCG File Catalog Service) perl API main functions, testing of deployment of some gLite 3.2, EMI and UMD components.

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