RFBR Projects


Grants of RFBR-CERN

  • 08-07-91000-CERN_а (2008-2009) – “Grid – monitoring for effective functioning of the virtual organizations” – is complete. The tools of monitoring developed and approved during the project are successfully used both for the monitoring of RDIG infrastructure and for monitoring of the global EGEE/WLCG structure in the context of achievement of the greatest efficiency of functioning the virtual organizations.
  • 12-07-91501-CERN_а (2012-2014) –“Global data transfer monitoring system for WLCG infrastructure” is accepted in 2012.The project aims to construct a global monitoring system which providescollecting detailed information on all data transfers independently of datatransfer method, resource center  level (Tier-0,Tier-1,Tier-2,Tier-3) andvirtual organization. The given project also aims to organize datatransferring to central data storage with a high level of reliability andaccomplish processingof collected data for different customers providing user and program interfaces for getting information. The system will fully satisfy therequirements of different types of users and system administrators in theWLCG infrastructure.

The grants of RFBR – The National Academy of Science of Ukraine

  • 08-07-90410-UKR_а (2008-2009) – “Preparation of computer complexes of LIT JINR (Dubna)  and NSC KIPT (Kharkov) to distributed analysis of data of the CMS experiment (CERN) on the basis of grid-technologies” – is finished. As a result of the project, on computer complexes of the JINR (Dubna) and NSC KIPT (Kharkov) all necessary conditions for the distributed analysis of data of the CMS experiment that make possible a high-grade participation of the Russian and Ukrainian physicists in the CMS experiment at its operating stage are created.
  • 10-07-90400-UKR_а (2010-2011) – “Development and support of grid-infrastructures of the LIT JINR and NSC KIPT for the distributed data processing of the CMS experiment (CERN) within first two years of run of the Large Hadron Collider” – is finished. The problem of the projectwas maintenance of participation of the computing grid-structures at LIT JINR and NSC KIPT in the distributed processing of experimental information accumulated in the CMS experiment, within first two years of the LHC operation. It included maintenance of reliability and stability of work of computer complexes of LIT JINR and NSC KIPT as the WLCG elements and as Т2-sites of the CMS experiment, development and modernization of these complexes according to changing requirements of the CMS collaboration to the organization of computing, and also creation and debugging specific algorithms of analysis of experimental data for the purpose of search for discoveries in the “new physics”.
  • 12-07-90402-UKR_а (2012-2103) “Data processing at the LIT JINR and NSC KIPT T2-centers of the CMS grid infrastructure at high rate of the Large Hadron Collider luminosity increase” – is accepted in 2012. The project aims to provide a participation of LIT JINR and NSC KIPT (Kharkov, Ukraine) computing grid-infrastructures in the distributed processing of CMS experiment data under conditions of high increase of luminosity of the LHC, expected in 2012, and as a consequence, the sharp increase in experimental data rates.

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