Participation of the JINR in the WLCG project

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research takes an active part in the WLCG project from its start. Participation of the JINR in the WLCG project is fixed by the Agreement signed by heads of the CERN,  the JINR and several Russian institutes. In the frames of the project works were carried out both in the JINR and in the CERN in following directions:

• support and development of the WLCG infrastructure for the high energy physics and for the LHC project;

• gLite, OMII and Globus Toolkit testing;

• participation in Service Challenges and Data Challenges – global large-scale testing of WLCG grid-infrastructure;

• computing support and development for ALICE, ATLAS and CMS experiments;

• support and development of data storage based on the dCache system;

• development of grid monitoring systems;

• development of the MCDB system (WLCG Monte-Carlo Events Data Base);

• support of the WLCG activity in the JINR member states;

• training of WLCG users and systems administrators.

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