The JINR’s participation in the project GridNNN

The GridNNN project ( on development of grid infrastructure for the National Nanotechnology Network (NNN) of Russia was carrying out in 2009-2011 under the federal purpose-oriented program “Development of nanotechnology infrastructure in the Russian Federation in 2008- 2010.”

The aim of the project was to provide a possibility of effective remote use of information, communication and computing infrastructure for geographically distributed scientific and engineering teams participated in Russian National Nanotechnology Network (NNN).

National Nanotechnology Network (NNN) is a set of companies of different organizational forms, providing and implementing a coordinated cooperative work on the developmentand commercialization of nanotechnology, including basic and applied research, training, nanotechnology infrastructure development and the organization of nanotechnology products manufacturing.

Middleware developers participated in the infrastructure creation:

Tasks in the field of nanotechnology typically need large amounts of parallel computations. Therefore, as the basis of a technological solution for the GridNNN infrastructure, grid network of supercomputers, managed by special basic grid services, was selected. These grid services, located in the primary and backup control centers, coordinate the coherent work of system resources and at the same time these services are the intermediate layer between users and grid infrastructure.  More than 15 resource centers were connected to the GridNNN project’s infrastructure.

The infrastructure operation was provided by the following basic GridNNS grid services:

  • web-based interface for job management;
  • registration service for resources and grid services (SRRGS);
  • information system Infosys2;
  • job management service Pilot;
  • grid gateway to start jobs in the resource centers;
  • monitoring system for resources, services and computing jobs;
  • accounting system (data collection on the CPU usage  in the resource centers, taking into account the consumption of resources by users and virtual organizations);
  • virtual organizations  management service (VOMS).

The LIT JINR team took part in the development of the service of registration of resources and grid services (, the monitoring system, the accountingsystem on resources usage (, adaptation of application software packages for use in Grid, as well as in work of the GridNNN project support service.

The detailed information:

Poster: S. Belov, V. Korenkov, N. Kutovskiy, D. Oleynik, A. Petrosyan, R. Semenov, V. Trofimov, A. Uzhinskiy, JINR PARTICIPATION IN THE GRIDNNN PROJECT, JINR Program Advisory Committee for Condensed Matter Physics, Dubna, Russia, 16-17, January 2012.

Report at the conference: S.Belov (JINR).Monitoring for GridNNN project, NEC’2011, Varna, Bulgaria, 2011.

Report at the conference: S. Belov, V. Korenkov, I. Lensky, M. Matveev, E. Matveeva, S. Mitsyn, D. Oleynik, A. Pertosyan, R. Semenov, Monitoring and Accounting for GridNNN Project, GRID’2010, Dubna, Russia.

Report at the conference: S. Mitsyn, S. Belov, Development of Real-time Visualization Service Based on Google Earth for GridNNS Project, GRID’2010, Dubna, Russia.

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