INTAS Projects

The projects supported by INTAS

The CERN-INTAS 03-52-4297 project – Advanced algorithms and tools for LHC Computing GRID (2004-2006) – was complete in 2006. During the project in the JINR, actions for modernization of the JINR grid-infrastructure in the context of requirements of the WLCG project have been carried out, the system of monitoring for the Russian WLCG segment is developed and introduced, work on access optimization to the data and data transfer in the WLCG environment was carried out as well as testing the component of the WLCG middleware was carried out.

The CERN-INTAS 05-103-7649 project – Development of test-beds for the certification of EGEE-II Grid middleware (2006-2008) – is finished in 2008. According to the purposes and problems of the project, test-beds have been developed with the use of which the testing of new components of WLCG middleware (VOMS, gLite-AMGA service of the metadata, etc.), directed on the subsequent certification and introduction of these new services was carried out.

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