JINR in Grid-projects

Participation of JINR in GRID – projects

Since 2003 JINR specialists has taken an active part in the activities of two large-scale international projects – WLCG (Worldwide LHC Computing Grid – the project on creation, development and support of global computing grid-infrastructure for experiments at the Large Hadron Collider – LHC) and EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-sciencE project – the project on expansion of grids for  e-science). The WLCG and EGEE projects developed in close interaction and the global grid-infrastructure, which is often called as a WLCG/EGEE infrastructure, has been created as a result of realization of the mentioned projects. JINR is a participant of three LHC (ALICE, ATLAS and CMS) experiments and creation, development and support of a corresponding computing infrastructure in the JINR is necessary to provide a full scale participation of the JINR employees in the work of their collaboration at the running phase of the accelerator and physical installations.

JINR participates in the BES (http://bes3.ihep.ac.cn/) experiment since 2005. Since 2013 LIT specialists perform various tasks on the creation, development and maintenance of distributed storage and data processing system for the accelerator. The main activities of our team associated with data management, file transfer service and system performance monitoring. Fully operational system should be setup by 2015.

In September 2009 the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation on the modernization and technological development of economy of Russia approved a list of projects in the field of “The development of supercomputers and grid computing” and, in which the project on the development of grid-based networks for high performance computing is approved. In 2010 a pilot zone of the Russian national grid network (RGN) has been established. One of the main tasks of the project was to create a network infrastructure and connection to it of largest supercomputer centers, enterprises, high-tech industries and research organizations. Since 2011, the work on creating of the basic Grid services infrastructure for the RGN prototype, security systems, adapting software packages for use in the grid environment begun.  In 2011, the major organizations implementing the project of creation of the RGN grid infrastructure were Research Institute “Voskhod”, SINP MSU, JINR, T-Platforms, CC FEB RAS, TESIS Engineering Company. This project was completed by the end of 2012.

The “GridNNN” project was carried out in frames of the federal target program «Nanoindustry Infrastructure development in the Russian Federation in 2008 – 2010». The purpose of the work was maintenance of geographically distributed scientific and engineering collectives-participants of national nanotechnological networks with possibility of effective remote use of informational, communicational and computing infrastructure. The JINR took part in the GridNNN project together with the D.V.Skobeltsin scientific research institute of nuclear physics of Moscow State University, the Russian center of science “Kurchatov’s institute” and the B.P.Konstantinov St.Petersburg institute of nuclear physics.

The JINR-CERN collaboration has been supported by the RFBR (РФФИ)-CERN grants:

  • 08-07-91000-CERN_а (2008-2009) – “Grid monitoring for effective functioning of the virtual organizations”
  • 12-07-91501-CERN_а (2012-2014) –“Global data transfer monitoring system for WLCG infrastructure”

The cooperation of JINR and the National center of science «Kharkov’s physicotechnical institute» has been supported by three grants of the RFBR (РФФИ) – the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine:

  • 08-07-90410-UKR_а (2008-2009) – “Preparation of computer complexes of LIT JINR (Dubna) and KIPT NSC (Kharkov) for the distributed analysis of the data of the CMS experiment (CERN) on the basis of grid-technologies”
  • 10-07-90400-UKR_а (2010-2011) – “Development and support of  LIT JINR and KIPT NSC grid-infrastructures for the distributed data processing of the CMS experiment (CERN)  during first two years of work of the Large hadron collider”
  • 12-07-90402-UKR_а (2012-2103) – “Data processing at the LIT JINR and NSC KIPT T2-centers of the CMS grid infrastructure at high rate of the Large Hadron Collider luminosity increase”

Two projects supported by INTAS, promoted successful cooperation of the JINR with colleagues from Russia, CERN, Germany, Spain and Italy in the field of development and testing of grid-technologies:

  • CERN-INTAS 03-52-4297 – Advanced algorithms and tools for LHC Computing GRID (2004-2006)
  • CERN-INTAS 05-103-7649 – Development of test suites for the certification of EGEE-II Grid middleware (2006-2008)

In 2007-2008 JINR was involved in the scientific and technical program of the Federal State (Russia and Belarus) the so-called SKIF-GRID (the full name of the program is «Working out and development in a mass production of family of models of high-efficiency computing systems with parallel architecture (supercomputers) and creation of applied hardware-software complexes on their basis»).

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