dCache monitoring

dCache Local Monitoring at JINR

In accordance with the plans on construction of CMS Tier1 center at the JINR, the installation of 2 additional dCache systems has been accomplished. Thus, now 4 dCache systems are supported at the JINR. At other side, transition to the new dCache versions (2.2.24 and higher) gave a possibility to use the statistics module provided by the dCache system. Its features could be illustrated by the Fig.1

Fig.1 dCache statistics module page.

The statistics module provides a status of different dCache parameters. Statistics reports are generated automatically once a day or at any time by request and they available by dCache server web-interface at any time. Reports can be received for the periods of one day, a week, a month or an year. The following categories are presented: amount of written and read information, amount of transferred and received information, movers active time, exchange with cash-pools and “cost” of pools.

An example of statistics system graphics is presented at the Fig.2.

Fig.2 An example of dCache statistical report.

Built in statistical methods are convenient in use also because of a two-level system has been configured including the tapes. Thus, it makes possible to generate one-point statistical reports  independent of HSM system in use.

An old dCache monitoring system has removed from operation and an actual dCache local monitoring system is available at http://se-hd02-mss.jinr-t1.ru:2288/statistics/

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