Grid conferences

In 2004 JINR launched a series of conferences “Distributed Computing and Grid-Technologies in Science and Education”. The conference was devoted to consideration of application of grid-technologies in various spheres. It was the first in Russia and became traditional. It still remains a unique conference of such kind in Russia. The main objective of this conference consists in promoting formation of community of experts from Russia and other countries conducting research and developments in the area of grid-technologies. The conference provides wide opportunities for discussion of ideas and obtained results, making contacts for a closer cooperation.

Since 1963 JINR has been a basic organizer of traditional international symposia on nuclear electronics which since 2001 were added with the new contest, becoming the symposium on nuclear electronics and computing (NEC, Nuclear Electronics and Computing). From that time in the NEC program there were sections on grid-computing, computing for LHC, grid-monitoring and on the Russian participation in grid-projects. Much attention is given to the development of grid-technologies in the Eastern Europe. Survey reports on the status of large grid-projects (EGEE, WLCG, CrossGrid, MammoGrid, NorduGrid) were invariably represented by heads or leading experts of these projects. Since 2001, JINR, CERN and INRNE BAN (Bulgaria) were the organizers of the NEC symposia.

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