For more than ten years, staff members of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research are actively involved in the study, use and development of advanced grid technologies. The most important result of this work was the creation of grid infrastructure in the JINR that provides the complete range of grid services. Created JINR grid site (JINR-LCG2) is fully integrated into the global (world-wide) WLCG / EGI infrastructure and considered as Tier2 center in the hierarchy of information and computing centers for the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider. The resources of the JINR grid site are successfully used in the global infrastructure, and on indicators of the reliability, the JINR-LCG2 site is one of the best in the WLCG / EGI infrastructure. Currently, the JINR realizes a large-scale project to create a Tier1 computer center for the experiment CMS.

A great contribution is made by JINR staff members in testing and development of grid middleware, the development of grid-monitoring systems and organizing support for different virtual organizations. The only specialized conference in Russia devoted to grid technologies and distributed computing is organized and traditionally held in JINR. Constantly working to train the grid technologies, the JINR created a separate educational grid infrastructure. In the field of grid the JINR actively collaborates with many foreign and Russian research centers and special attention is paid to cooperation with the JINR member states.

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